Cherry Stone Eye Pillow

Rowen Stillwater


Our eye pillows are a natural way to relive stress, unwind and help you get ready to sleep. The gentle weight of the pillow adapts to the contours of your eye area so none of the soothing warmth is lost.

Made from cherry stones which have been discarded from food production and thoroughly cleaned (water and agitation only - no nasty chemicals here!) they're hand-sewn into a cotton pack that can be quickly heated for slow release warmth.

Why cherry stones?

  • Cherry stones are a by-product so no new materials are needed
  • They hold heat well and diffuse it slowly
  • Unlike wheat or grain alternatives they can be washed without going musty or soggy. You can even machine wash them!

How to use them

Cherry Stone Eye Pillows heat up quickly so microwave them in 30 second blasts until you reach a temperature you're happy with. Give them a quick shake between rounds to make sure that there are no hot spots.

Size: approx 22cm x 11xm x 1cm