I never thought I’d describe a sponge as beautiful, but these are. And they work remarkably well, though I almost didn’t want to use them. I love that they’re compostable, too. Shipping was fast, even from over the ocean. I’m planning on buying more of these when I run out.


I previously ordered a set of these and prefer them to beeswax wraps...these are more flexible than the beeswax wraps that I have and stick better to themselves when folded over a sandwich etc


These are one of the cutest sponges I have com across and I am glad I did. It makes my space just a little more fun!


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Pine Resin: is it food safe?

Pine Resin: is it food safe?

So, there's a lot of debate in food wrap circles about Pine Rosin (that's the technical name) and whether or not it's food safe. The answer is 'yes' and 'no' depending on which kind you choose so here's a quick guide:

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You asked and we listened

You asked and we listened

For over three years the UnSponge has done its job - cleaning your plates, scrubbing your pans and wiping down surfaces. We've had a lot of lovely feedback but we've also heard a few niggles - things that you wanted but our UnSponges just didn't do. So we worked on it. Most ideas didn't fly and some looked promising only to fail on test but at last we think we've cracked it. Bring on the Squeeze™.

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