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A wrap, some powder and storm Ciara

A wrap, some powder and storm Ciara

I've been taking protein powder to work with me in an old Truthpaste jar - it's just the right size and has been doing sterling service - but today I lost the lid. With five minutes to go I grabbed a wrap out the kitchen drawer, sealed the top and threw it in my bag.

Now I believe in the sticking power of our wraps but this one was over 12 months old, in regular use and hadn't been re-waxed - I was definitely chancing it and if I'd been more on the ball I doubt I'd have done it.

A twenty minute walk through driving rain and wind, a soaked satchel and two flight of stairs later I opened my bag it to find that it hadn't leaked AT ALL. 

I feel sufficiently pleased (and relieved!) that I had to share.


Just looked out of my office window and for the walk home I've got...snow!