Zero waste

What's the clear film you use?

What's the clear film you use?

We're glad you asked! The clear film you'll see on some of our products is a truly brilliant invention called Bio-Film and it's made from potato and beet starch.

Bio-Film is:

  • Made in the UK
  • Home compostable
  • Plant based 
  • Plastic Free
  • EN 13432 certified

When the film breaks down in the environment it leaves only CO2 and H2O and biomass (or compost to you and me).

How should I dispose of it?

  1. Compost Heap: This is what they are designed for so is the best option. (They are suitable for both home and industrial composting) 
  2. Council Garden waste bin: Although this would work you would need to check with your local council to ensure that that this waste is going for industrial composting. 
  3. Food Waste Bin: This would also be suitable but once again it might be best to check what the council is doing with this waste. (The bags are suitable for anaerobic digestion or industrial composting, if they will allow you to put them in).
  4. General Waste Bin: Although possibly not viewed as the perfect option, in landfill they will break down to CO2 and water in much the same way as they would in a compost heap.