Zero waste

Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

Packaging. It’s a necessary evil when selling online and it remains something we keep under constant review: Is it possible to mail items without generating packaging waste and yet more landfill? My approach to this is evolving but here’s my take so far:

Decision One: No plastic or laminated labels

The labels we use on our products are minimal by design – we use enough to tell you what it is, who it’s by and to keep multiple items together. And that’s it. This means that we don’t use lamination, high gloss inks or plastic wrap to display the items we craft – you can recycle or compost them just as they are.

Decision Two: No plastic mailers

Our outer packaging is recyclable by design: we ship small items in unbleached paper envelopes and larger items in cardboard boxes padded with recycled tissue paper. They're then sealed with a paper tape that can be pealed off without destroying the box - just remove the postal sticker and it's good for a second trip to the post office.

We also try to match the box to the product so you don't get a parcel full of fresh air with an item huddled in the corner - this cuts down on transportation emissions and eliminates the packing materials that have to be used to cushion lonely items.

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