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You asked and we listened

You asked and we listened

For over three years the UnSponge has done its job - cleaning your plates, scrubbing your pans and wiping down surfaces. We've had a lot of lovely feedback but we've also heard a few niggles - things that you wanted but our UnSponges just didn't do. So we worked on it. Most ideas didn't fly and some looked promising only to fail on test but at last we think we've cracked it. Bring on the Squeeze™.

Can we have a plastic free sponge that foams?

Yes. Yes you can. The Squeeze foams up and lathers just like a regular plastic sponge. If you're anything like our testers you'll actually forget that you're using an eco-alternative!

Could you make it more absorbent?

Oh yes! You let us know that you'd like to be able to pick up spills with your UnSponges - and with the Squeeze it's a breeze: the cellulose core can hold up to 10x its dry weight in water.

Can you get it to dry quicker?

That's a yup too - the Squeeze dries six times faster than our regular UnSponge and you can wring it out too.

I can't get a regular UnSponge in in tight corners - can you make it more flexible?

Can do. The Squeeze packs down for those hard to reach nooks.

All this and zero waste?

Absolutely. The Squeeze is made entirely from biodegradable plant material* and can be composted. If it accidentally ends up in landfill it will just rot away.


* The shell of the UnSponge Squeeze is made from 100% cotton, the Heavy Duty from a linen/cotton blend and the Coffee Squeeze from recycled coffee sacks (jute).

The cellulose core of all varieties is made from a blend of cotton, wood pulp and flax. If you want to more about the way the core is made you can read about here.

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