"Remember when?" - Japan Sencha Green Tea

Nenio Teas & Tisanes


This Japan Sencha Green Tea has been traditionally steamed, pan fried & polished to achieve the classic rolled leaf look.

The flavours are smooth and rich with a delicate pale liquor and fresh bouquet. Sencha is best enjoyed without milk and the leaves can be re-steeped several times.


Nenio's Eco-friendly packaging is 100% compostable, including the press seal top.


All Nenio teas are sourced from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The Ethical Tea Partnership improves the lives and incomes of tea workers, farmers, and their communities as well as helping to address the environmental challenges brought about by climate change.


Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
Grown 200 - 1000ft above sea level

Caffeine Level

Low: Approx between 20mg per cup