Our journey out of waste began with a very British problem – the two week wheelie bin wait.

As a fortnight of ‘recyclables’ began accumulating in a blue bin under my window I saw just how much plastic, metal and paper my little family of three were generating and I was horrified. The worst part was, I thought I was REALY careful about our consumption.

I started to research what happened to that pile of supposedly ‘good’ waste we were generating and learned that a lot of so-called recyclable material ends up in landfill anyway (too dirty, too hard to separate etc.) so what good was I doing moving my mountain of waste from the landfill bin to the recyclable one? We sat down as family and decided it was time to get into re-usables and ditch the ‘throw-it-out’ mentality we'd had for so long.

Over a year later our family is closer to zero waste (still a long way to go though!) and we're ready to share some of the tried and tested upcycle and sustainable alternatives we've found. So here’s to a greener home and a trash-free planet – may we all have room to move and breathe and enjoy our lives.


It's a family affair


Maker, marketer, you know, all the things.


I help Rowen put things in boxes...so dispatch manager?


I explain things at fayres and keep out of the way. I'm told that helps.


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