Balance Bags™: Reusable organic tea bags

Why organic cotton tea bags?

Well, it all starts with Assam. I love a cup of Assam but every loose leaf strainer I tried let bits through. And I hate bits in my tea. It's just...uuurgh.

I set about making my own tea bags but every closure I tried either leaked straight away or didn't let any flavour through. Several weeks of frustration (and bitty tea) followed. Until ...

I had a thought - how about just pouring the water through the leaves like you do with coffee? No need to have the bag swishing around in the cup letting the leaves out! And the Balance Bag was born.

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This little bag sits inside your cup and lets the leaves steep for as long as you want without being fully immersed - it's a tea pot and a strainer in one. Perfect!

Now I can have my fine loose tea bit free, and so can you.

Reusing them

They're really easy to care for too - each bag is fully machine washable so just put your used leaves in the compost and the bag in the laundry. Or you can rinse it out under a tap with a bit of dish soap and pop it on the drainer with your dishes. So easy.

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Zero waste reusable tea bags