The core of our UnSponge Squeeze range is eco-friendly cellulose. It's made from a blend of wood pulp, cotton and flax and is completely biodegradable in the environment.

How are they made?

The plant fibres are softened and blended to create a paste which is mixed with salt crystals. The resulting mixture is then cooked causing the crystals to melt and leave behind the 'pores' which give the sponge its absorbency. The blocks are then cut to size - ready to be made into our UnSponge squeezes.

What about waste?

When trying to find a way to create a zero waste sponge that would meet the needs of our customers (increased flexibility, absorbency and fast drying) we were very conscious of the manufacturing processes behind the materials. 

The manufacturing of cellulose is very conservative, producing no harmful by-products and, importantly, very little waste. Any pieces of sponge that are cut off or damaged in the trimming process are ground up and added back into the fibre mixer to create new sponges so nothing is thrown away.

Why not sea sponges?

You may already know (and I have to say I didn't!) sea sponges are the skeletons of basic sea animals which are killed by sun bleaching. As a vegan company that alone makes sea sponges are a solid 'no' from us.