Vegan Wax Wrap

What is vegan wax wrap?

Vegan wax wrap is a water repellant, breathable, self-sticking fabric which you can use in your kitchen and home. It's often used as a zero waste alternative to cling film or aluminium foil and it can be used and reused many times.

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What is vegan wax wrap used for?

Vegan wax wrap is best known as a food wrap but it has a variety of uses:

  • Covering bowls
  • Wrapping cut fruit & vegetables
  • Wrapping (vegan!) cheese
  • Covering sandwiches and lunch on the go
  • Sealing corked drinks
  • Covering open tins and pet food cans
  • Taking dog treats on walks - stop your pocket getting full of crumbs!
  • Storing soap in overnight bags
  • Protecting cut flower stalks
  • Protecting surfaces from water

We also use it for collecting vegetable peelings - just peel directly on to the wrap, scrunch shut, and you can take them straight to the compost in the morning.

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How is it made?

Well, like all Stillwater products, by hand! The ingredients of the wax formula are slowly melted together in small batches whilst the cotton fabric is hand cut to size. The fabric is then coated in the wax which soaks through and permeates it completely.

Each one is made individually and inspected for complete coverage before being rapidly dried, folded, labeled and placed into cotton storage bags.

What are they made of?

Our vegan wax wraps are made with a blend of plant waxes, organic seed oils and pine resin on a 100% cotton cloth.

All of the ingredients are food contact safe, GMO free and we only use the highest grade of resin to ensure a high quality finish.

We decided to avoid soy wax as an ingredient as we were unable to find a source that could guarantee a GMO free product. To be honest we weren't crazy about the air miles either!

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How do I use them?

When you want to use your wraps you'll need to give them a quick wake up by rubbing them between your hands. This warms the wax and gets them ready to stick.

When the wrap feels soft and pliable just wrap it around the item you want to cover and press the surfaces together. Hold for about five seconds and the wax will have bonded.

You can now pop your sandwiches in your bag or your bowl in fridge.

How do I clean them?

Vegan wax wraps can be cleaned by brushing any crumbs or bits off them and then running them under a cold tap with some bar soap. They should then be either patted with a cloth or left to dry naturally.

They can't be washed with hot water because the wax would melt and run off the fabric.

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How do I store them?

So long as the wraps don't get too hot they can be stored anywhere, a kitchen drawer is ideal but we also keep some on a shelf in the fridge because it's handy.

We would advise you to keep them in the cotton bag they came in as it's perfect for keeping them dust and particle free.

Can I re-wax them?

Yes. If you find that your wraps have lost a little stick or have accidentally come into contact with hot water they can be made good as new with a Vega Wax Wrap Refresher Block.

If treated regularly they can last for many years.


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Vegan wax wrap