Organic Cotton Facial Rounds: winter

Organic Cotton Facial Rounds: winter

£6.00 GBP

These beautiful zero waste facial rounds from Kate & Sunny are made from GOTS certified organic cotton to be super soft on face and body.

They're perfect to remove make-up or apply face creme and they come in packs of ten so you'll always have one ready to use.

Each round has a gorgeous cotton print top (made with low-impact eco dyes) and two layers of absorbent brushed cotton underneath - just right for holding enough make-up remover to be useful and not so thick that you're pouring half a bottle onto each one!

Available in an aluminium storage tin (perfect for keeping them dry until you need them) or just as they are.


Designs are a mixed set of winter coloured patterns in organic cotton.

Care of your make-up rounds

When you're ready to wash your rounds simply give them a rinse under cold water and pop them on a cool wash in your machine. 

As they're 100% cotton (yes - even the thread!) they can be shredded and composted at the end of their life.

Size: 8cm (3in approx) diameter.