Bag & Brew bundle

Rowen Stillwater

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Your choice of high quality, ethically sourced loose leaf tea and an organic reusable bag to brew it in. The perfect present for a lazy afternoon AND there's 15% off the combined price.


70g in re-sealable, compostable packaging (enough for 35 cups if not re-steeping)

  • Wide Awake Now - FBOP Assam
  • That Takes Me Back  - Earl Grey
  • Sunrise With You - Orange Blossom Oolong
  • Remember When..? - Japan Sencha Green
  • High Tea - Vanilla Rooibos
  • Cool Breeze - Pure Spearmint

Balance bag

An organic cotton reusable tea bag and a bamboo balance stick.

Allergy information

High Tea - Vanilla Rooibos contains almond slices.

Caffeine Free

Our Cool Breeze Pure Spearmint and High Tea Vanilla Rooibos are caffeine free.