Cherry Stone Hand Warmers

Rowen Stillwater


When the weather outside is getting you down these gorgeous little hand warmers are just the thing to pick you up!

Made from cherry stones which have been discarded from food production and thoroughly cleaned (water and agitation only - no nasty chemicals here!) they're hand-sewn into a two layer cotton pack that can be quickly heated for slow release warmth.

Why cherry stones?

  • Cherry stones are a by-product so no new materials are needed
  • They hold heat well and diffuse it slowly
  • Unlike wheat or grain alternatives they can be washed without going musty or soggy. You can even machine wash them!

How to use them

Cherry Stone Hand Warmers heat up quickly so microwave them in 30 second blasts until you reach a temperature you're happy with. Give them a quick shake between rounds to make sure that there are no hot spots.

Pop them in a pocket for a quick blast of warmth when out and about.

Size: approx 9.5cm square and 2cm deep.
Packaging:Home compostable Biofilm and instruction card.