"In Strawberry Fields" - Mate, Green & fruit blend

Stillwater Tea


Our fruity combination of Green tea, Green Mate, Gynostemma Leaves, Strawberry, Papaya and natural flavours create a drink that is refreshing, naturally energising and full of flavour.


Our Eco-friendly packaging is 100% compostable, including the press seal top.


All  of our teas are sourced from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The Ethical Tea Partnership improves the lives and incomes of tea workers, farmers, and their communities as well as helping to address the environmental challenges brought about by climate change.


China, Malawi and Brazil.
Grown 1500 - 5000 ft above sea level

Caffeine Level

Moderate: Approx 40 mg per cup

Pack sizes

  • 70g = 35 cups approx. (19p per cup)
  • 150g = 75 cups approx. (18p per cup)
  • 250g = 125 cups approx. (17p per cup)