"Wide Awake Now" - Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea

Stillwater Tea


This 2nd flush single estate tea from Borengajuli, India, has all of the rich malted notes that are so satisfying in a good robust Assam.

Drink it with your favourite plant milk or use it as the base for a spicy chai - this is a versatile tea that can be re-steeped several times from the same leaves.


Our Eco-friendly packaging is 100% compostable, including the press seal top.


All  of our teas are sourced from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The Ethical Tea Partnership improves the lives and incomes of tea workers, farmers, and their communities as well as helping to address the environmental challenges brought about by climate change.


Assam, Mangaldai - India.
Grown 1,000 ft above sea level.

Caffeine Level

Moderate: Approx between 27- 35mg per cup

Pack sizes

  • 70g = 35 cups approx. (18p per cup)
  • 150g = 75 cups approx. (16p per cup)
  • 250g = 125 cups approx. (15p per cup)

Did you know?

The naturally small leaves of Assam teas were the main inspiration for our Balance Bag tea bags - the tiny fragments always seemed to escape from metal tea filters and I don't like bits in my tea!